The Best Way to Kill Purple Weeds

Controlling weeds in the garden or on your lawn can seem like an impossible task. Sometimes it may seem that no matter how you try to get rid of weeds, they just keep coming back. Purple lawn weeds are especially aggravating as they can destroy the look of your lawn and are difficult to remove. Learning to fully remove these weeds will ensure the health and beauty of your green lawn.


Step 1

Start by pulling the purple weeds from the garden or lawn. The best time to weed is when the soil is moist, generally after a good rain, or in the early morning. It is important to remove weeds before they have gone to seed, or the problem will persist. Remove all roots from the soil and dispose of them completely. Weeds left in piles on the lawn or garden can still go to seed and cause future problems. Use gloves and a hand shovel if necessary as purple weeds can sometimes have sharp leaves and thorns and deep roots.

Step 2

Select a chemical weed killer. While sometimes a drastic method, if you are dealing with a large amount of weeds, pulling them by hand can be impossible. Choose an herbicide that fits your needs, and read the label to ensure that the product will not kill the grass. Recommended brands include, Ortho, Exclusive and Roundup. These can be found at most home and garden improvement stores and are effective with purple lawn weeds.

Step 3

Spray the weeds on your lawn thoroughly with the herbicide. Wear gloves and goggles during this process to avoid possible chemical burns to your skin and eyes. It is best to only spray the purple lawn weed areas, so you do not harm the grass. Do not spray herbicides on windy days as the chemicals can harm other garden plants. Give the herbicide several days to kill the weeds and repeat if necessary.

Step 4

Maintain the health of the lawn by frequently weeding. Even if you have eliminated the bulk of weeds, regrowth will occur if the lawn is not regularly checked. Keep the lawn healthy and strong and it will be protected from further weed invasions.

Nicki Callahan

Nicki Callahan began her literary career in 1989. Her work has appeared in "The Charlotte Observer," "The Patriot Ledger," "The Wasatch County Courier," "Utah Homes & Garden Magazine" and "The Retired Officer Magazine." Callahan studied English literature and creative writing at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Utah.