What Is the Sweet Smell in My Basement?

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Uh-oh! Is there a sudden sweet smell in the house? If the smell is coming from your basement, the culprit may be mold growth, dead vermin, or an insect infestation. Either way, it is crucial to locate the source of the smell so that you're able to properly and promptly get rid of it. If your basement has a sweet smell, then it is time to address the problem as soon as possible.


What Causes a Sweet Smell in the House?

One of the most common causes of a sweet smell in the house is mold growth. Mold can emit a sickly sweet or earthy smell, and this is a fairly common problem in basements due to the prevalence of leaks and humidity. Look for grimy areas that are stained green, black, or gray; this is almost certainly an indicator that there's mold growing in these areas.


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Another cause of an unexplained sweet smell in the house could be an insect infestation or dead vermin, like rats or mice. If you spot droppings in your basement, this is a surefire sign that you have rodents (or other critters) on your hands, and when they die — whether in a wall, heating vent, or another part of your house — they can be the source of a sweet, rotten odor. Other signs of insects and/or vermin can include oily stains and streaks on the baseboards, urine trails, and noises in the walls.


How to Eradicate Mold

If you have mold growing in your basement, the most important thing to do is to find the source of moisture and stop it, whether it's a defective gutter, condensation, or another issue. Then dry the area, remove any moldy material (if possible), and invest in a hard-working removal spray to treat moldy residue.


Moving forward, try to keep your basement as dry as possible to prevent mold from growing. You can do this in a number of ways, including installing a sump pump, repairing leaky pipes, keeping gutters clean, improving ventilation, and grading your yard so that it slopes away from the house on all sides.

Get Rid of Insects and Vermin

If your house smells weird because of insects and vermin, it may be best to hire a pest control company. You'll save time and energy trying to identify the type of pest you're dealing with, which means you'll be able to get rid of pests more quickly and efficiently. If you suspect an infestation of any kind, hire a professional to get the job done and to preserve your property and your health.



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