How to Get Rid of Ivy With White Vinegar

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White vinegar safely and effectively kills ivy.

If ivy is overtaking your garden, you do not have to use commercial weed killers to get rid of it. Instead, opt for a natural, eco-friendly alternative: white vinegar. Whether your problem is English ivy, poison ivy or creeping Charlie, white vinegar will kill the plant without putting toxic chemicals into the environment. Take care to use it the right way so you don't kill desirable plants in the process.


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Step 1

Fill a clean, empty garden sprayer or spray bottle with white vinegar.

Step 2

Saturate the ivy with the white vinegar. Be careful to only get the vinegar on the ivy and other weeds you want to kill. It will also kill other plants and flowers.

Step 3

Wait about a week and check to see that the ivy is dead. The leaves will be brown once it is dead. Discard the dead ivy from your garden. Repeat subsequent applications as necessary until the ivy is dead.