Above-Ground Swimming Pool Cover Ideas

Your above-ground swimming pool will need a cover through the season when you are using it, and whenever you aren't using it. A swimming pool cover prevents leaves, sticks, insects and dirt from getting into the pool. A good swimming pool cover will also prevent children and pets from being in the pool when you don't want them to be.

Purchase a Cover

The pool manufacturer will have likely have covers designed to fit your pool. If you have purchased a pool second-hand, or have inherited a pool, check the label on the pool and then look at the pool company's site online to determine if the company has a cover for your pool. Also check with pool supply stores to see if they have a brand of pool cover that is designed for, or will fit, your particular above-ground pool.


Make an above ground pool cover to keep out sticks, leaves and dirt by using a large tarp stretched across the pool cover. Stretch the tarp across the pool. At the places where the four corners of the tarp hang off the pool, drive tent-stakes into the ground. Attach bungee cords to the four corners of the tarp. When you wish to close the pool, you can attach the bungee cords to the tent poles and have a cover. Keep in mind that this cover might not support weight, and is not designed to keep children or animals out of your pool.


Create a cover for your above-ground, hard sided pool, with plywood. As long as your pool has hard sides that will not collapse if weight is placed on them, you can have several pieces of plywood to lay across the pool. Lay the plywood across the pool when you are finished using it. At several intervals around the pool, drive tent stakes into the ground. Drill a hole in the plywood sections that hang directly above the tent stakes. Attach a bungee cord to the tent pole and to the holes in the plywood to keep the lid secure.