How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tiller?

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Garden tillers break up the ground and soil in your yard, making it easier to plant new shrubs, trees and outdoor plants. Home improvement stores and rental shops rent tillers and charge a price based on the amount of time they are rented.


Sunbelt Rentals, a nationwide equipment rental company, charges a minimum of $21 for the smallest tiller and $33 for the largest tiller. If you keep the tiller for a full day, expect to pay up to $56 per day. The company offers cost breaks for tillers rented for one-week and four-week periods. Home Depot offers similar pricing on rental tillers.


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Discuss the job with the rental company ahead of time and determine the total length of the job, in terms of days or weeks. Get an estimate on the rental cost, before agreeing to the terms.



According to CBS News, the cost of buying a tiller can reach well over $1,000 and renting the machine helps you save money. A tiller also breaks up the ground much faster and easier than a shovel can.