How to Change the Trimmer Line on a Troy Built Weed Eater

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Things You'll Need

  • Trimmer line

  • Razor blade knife

  • Troy-built weed eater head


Purchasing a thicker line with cutting edges will increase the life of your trimmer line and will make the time between refills longer.

Troy-built weed eaters and trimmers allow anyone to turn their overgrown yard into a pristine landscape. Trimmers can be used to clear out tall grass in open spaces or to edge along landscaping timbers, house edges or yard furniture. Over time the trimmer line that was pre-loaded in the head will run out and you will need to install new line. Changing the line in your Troy-built weed eater is simple and should take just a few minutes to master.

Step 1

Make sure the weed eater is turned off and flip the weed eater over to examine the head where the string is housed.

Step 2

Holding onto the round knob on the bottom of the head, push the head in and twist counter clockwise until you feel the head disengage from the weed eater body.

Step 3

Pull the head off of the weed eater and set it aside. Cut six feet of trimmer line from the trimmer line box and fold it in half.

Step 4

Wrap the trimmer line clockwise around the weed eater head, in the line grooves. When you there is only 4 inches of line left, slide each end of line into its respective line holder on the side of the head.

Step 5

Reinstall the weed eater head onto the weed eater body by pressing in and turn clockwise.


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