How to Repair Terra-Cotta Pots

Terra cotta, Italian for baked earth, is a ceramic made of mostly earthy clay and left unglazed when baked. A common use for terra cotta is for making planters and plant pots. You can find terra cotta pots in almost any size and when placed in the natural setting of a garden, they look right at home. You can also use them indoors to bring some of the wonders of nature inside your home. Should your terra cotta ever suffer a crack or breakage you can easily repair it yourself.

Restore old terra-cotta pots.

Step 1

Clean all the dirt away from the crack or broken area on the pot. Leave the pot to dry completely after cleaning.

Step 2

Apply silicone caulk into the crack or damaged area. If you have broken pieces, apply caulk along the edges of the shard.

Step 3

Press the cracked or broken area together so the caulk bonds, and bind the pot with string to hold it in shape.

Step 4

Leave the pot to dry upside down for several hours or overnight. If your caulk recommends waiting longer, then do so.

Step 5

Remove the string from around the pot once the caulk has dried completely.

Step 6

Scrape away any caulk that leaked onto the inside or outside of the pot with a scraper.

Erica Porter

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