How Can I Attach Wheels to a Shed?

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Sheds can be put on wheels to make them mobile

Sheds are used for storage and work well as extra space. When garages are not big enough to store everything, sheds are an economical and efficient solution. Most sheds are built in backyards or at the end of driveways. They are usually made out of wood and siding and typically have hinged doors. After a shed has been built it is always possible to attach wheels to it with a few easy steps.


Step 1

Empty out everything that is inside the shed. Inspect the floor and corners of the shed to make sure there are no splits or gaps anywhere.

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Step 2

Place jacks under the floor beams in all four corners. Elevate the jacks carefully until the shed has lifted off the ground. Move from one jack to the next and lift the shed up 6 inches off the ground.


Step 3

Install heavy duty casters underneath the shed. Screw the caster into the first corner with wood screws, and then insert a screw into every opening in the caster. Install the rest of the casters on each corner of the shed in the exact same manner.

Step 4

Lower each jack down and remove them carefully from under the shed one by one. Begin rolling the shed gently to make sure it moves properly.

Step 5

Roll the shed to the desired location and set it on the new shed base at the prepared spot.

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