How to Get Rid of Flies on Flowering Bushes

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Things You'll Need

  • Clear plastic bag with water (optional)

  • Minty plants, such as lavender and basil (optional)

  • Venus' flytrap (optional)

  • Bird feeder/birdhouse (optional)

  • Small pond, frog (optional)

Flies are annoying little insects that love to spend time in bacteria-laden areas, such as garbage dumps and rotting piles, so the last place you want to find them is on your beautiful flower bushes. While some chemical remedies work, you may choose not to use these options because you do not want to damage your bushes. Using a combination of nontoxic methods, you can combat the fly population near your plants and keep these creatures from coming back.


How to Get Rid of Flies on Flowering Bushes

Step 1

Make sure that fly lures are far away from your flowers by moving garbage cans farther away and making sure that pet dishes are not too close to your plants.

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Step 2

Fill clear plastic bags with water and hang them near your bushes, if possible. This tactic is known to disorient flies and give off the illusion of spiderwebs.

Step 3

Install plants near your flowering bushes that are a natural deterrent to flies. For example, lavender, basil, peppermint, eucalyptus and the flowering elder bush all emit a minty aroma that is nauseating to these insects.


Step 4

Keep Venus' flytraps botanical near your bushes. As their name suggests, these plants capture and eat any flies that cross their path, making them very effective.

Step 5

Encourage natural predators that eat flies to come to your property. Add a bird feeder and/or birdhouse to invite birds and, if feasible, install a small pond for a frog.


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