Removing Scratches From a Tempered Glass Table

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Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass. When broken, tempered glass shatters into tiny harmless pieces rather than dangerous shards. It is used to ensure safety in features such as shower doors, car windows, patio furniture, skylights and more. If you have a glass table, it is almost certainly made of tempered glass.

Removing Scratches From a Tempered Glass Table
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How Tempered Glass is Made

Glass is tempered with either heat treating or a chemical process. This specialized heating process is done in a tempering oven that is at least 600 degrees Celsius. After being heated, the glass is quickly cooled with high-pressured air. During this process, the outer surface of the glass cools faster than the center. This method gives the glass its strength by creating compression on the outer surface of the glass. Glass in compression is more difficult to break.


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The chemical process used to temper glass also creates compression on the outer glass by exchanging ions on the surface. This is a more expensive method than heat, so it is not widely used.

Fixing Scratches on Your Table

As long as a scratch isn't too deep, you should be able to either fix it or at least minimize its appearance. There are several DIY options you can try to fix a scratch. Some methods require more time and work than others.


Paste Wax

Try using this wax that is specially made for wood furniture. It fills in minor scratches and also helps light reflect from the surface, making any scratches on your glass table less visible.

Glass Polishing Kit

You can purchase a glass polishing kit for a fairly low price. In addition to the kit, you'll need an electric drill. Attach the pad in the kit to the drill, apply the cleaning compound provided, and buff out the scratches on the glass. Again, as long as the scratch isn't too deep, a polishing kit will likely do the trick, and it's safe for tempered glass.


Metal Polish

This is a another simple trick that can yield effective results. First, clean the surface of the table or surface. Then, apply a small amount of metal polish to a clean, soft cloth and rub it into the scratch. Don't be too aggressive or you might create further scratches. But if you apply the polish correctly, it might just do the trick.


Nail Polish

Every day nail polish is another simple DIY trick to get rid of those pesky scratches on your glass table or surface. Using clear nail polish, lightly paint the scratch. After allowing it to dry, voila! The scratch has disappeared.

Baking Soda and Toothpaste

Create a paste of baking soda, white toothpaste and water. Take a slightly damp rag and apply a dab of the paste, then lightly rub it into the scratch using circular motions. You may need to repeat this process several times to see results.



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