How to Restore Dry & Cracked Leather

As leather ages, it can become dry and brittle. If you do not regularly treat the surface of leather with a conditioning product, the leather can deteriorate more quickly. After the leather has become dry and cracked, however, there is still hope for restoring the leather to its former glory. By cleaning the leather and applying a few carefully selected leather care products, your dry and cracked leather goods can look good again.

Cracked, dry leather can be restored by applying certain leather care products.

Step 1

Abrade the surface of the leather with a bristle brush to remove dirt and debris.

Step 2

Spray a fine mist of leather cleaner on the leather and wipe away with a dry cloth.

Step 3

Apply a layer of bonder/filler to the surface of the leather using a dry cloth. This provides a sticky layer for the color to adhere to.

Step 4

Sponge a very light layer of recoloring cream to the sticky bonder layer. Repeat until the color is evenly distributed and matches your leather's natural hue, drying each layer with a hairdryer.

Step 5

Allow the final layer of color to dry for two hours.

Step 6

Use an aerosol, leather-safe sealant to cover the restored area. Apply two coats and allow it to cure for a full day.

Step 7

Apply a leather conditioning cream every year after restoration to keep the leather supple and prevent future cracking.