How to Add Doors to Bookcases

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A full bookcase is a happy bookcase, but sometimes you do not want everyone to see what exactly you are reading. Your stash of Harlequin Romances should stay your little secret, but that means hiding what is in your bookcase. An easy way to hide your books is by adding a door. With a few simple steps, you can add a door to your bookcase and keep your little secret between you and the bookstore clerk.


Step 1

Check over your bookcase. Are the shelves flush with the front of the frame or are they recessed enough to accept a piece of wood being put in front of them? This will affect your measurements.

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Step 2

Measure for your door. If you can recess the door, measure from the inside of your frame. Lengthwise: Bottom of the top of your frame to the top of your lowest shelf or the top of your kick plate. Width from inside edge to inside edge, leaving a little space for the hinges. Also measure the depth of the recess so you get your door the correct thickness. If you are going to hang the door on the outside of the frame, measure lengthwise from the top of the frame to the bottom of the lowest shelf, then width from outside edge to outside edge.


Step 3

Buy your materials. Try your lumber yard to find a wood that matches the bookcase or coordinates with other furniture. Piano hinges and a door handle/knob can be picked up from your local hardware store. If you cannot find wood to match your bookcase, considering staining. Stained wood should be allowed to dry completely before you attach your handle or hang your door.

Step 4

Hang your door. Mark and drill your pilot holes for your screws, then screw your hinges to the door before attaching the door to the bookshelf. Put on the knob/handle of your choice.

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