Air compressors are used for operating air-powered tools like nail guns and staplers. They can also be used with optional air-related add-ons to inflate things like boats. Other add-ons include air nozzles, which allow you to blow out debris from confined spaces, for example. Compressors can also be used to operate air-powered paint sprayers.

Step 1

Make sure the power switch on the compressor is set to "Off." Confirm the outlet pressure is at zero by turning the pressure regulator knob counterclockwise all the way. This will remove any air pressure at the outlet.

Step 2

Attach a hose to the coupler.

Step 3

Connect the compressor to a wall outlet and turn the power switch on the compressor to the "Auto" setting.

Step 4

Stand-by and allow the machine to reach maximum pressure. The compressor will charge, the tank will fill with air and gain pressure. You can monitor the pressure on the tank pressure gauge.

Step 5

Set the regulator to the pressure recommended by your tool manufacturer. They are all different, so check. Sometimes it will be labeled on the tool. Just rotate the pressure regulator knob and monitor the outlet pressure gauge.

Step 6

Follow the instructions that came with your tool for information on how to connect your tool to the hose.