The Average Cost to Install Granite Countertops

If you've been dreaming about solid-surface granite countertops for a while, but don't know how much it costs to buy and install, it all depends on where you live, the square footage needed and the design shape of your countertops. National averages -- at the time of publication -- including medium-grade granite, supplies, labor and miscellaneous materials, range from roughly $47 to $78 per square foot.

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credit: medvedik/iStock/Getty Images
Solid surface granite countertops require professional installation.

Cost Breakdowns

Expect to pay at least $26 to $53 per hour -- $400 to $800 overall -- for roughly 15 hours of labor from a licensed contractor to install a minimum of 100 square feet of granite. To get the square footage of your countertops, multiply total counter length by its width, including openings and sinks, because these are cut out of the solid slabs. Style considerations, such as T-shaped counters or ones with multiple cutouts, add to the price because they require more labor and time to install. Other factors that increase costs include uncommon or rare granite and thicker slabs. Expect to pay extra for bullnose edges and matching backsplashes.

Optional Expenses

Additional considerations when calculating a budget for installing a granite countertop include extended warranties, delivery and extra sealing procedures for added surface protection. Licensed, bonded and insured contractors typically charge higher rates and sometimes add fees for permits and inspection when required by local building codes, but licensed contractors offer a measure of security when compared with fly-by-night installers that don't have licenses or insurance. To cut down on granite and installation costs, visit shops that have slabs precut to countertop width with bullnose edging attached already so that you only have to buy the lengths of countertop needed, instead of whole granite slabs.