How to Remove a Glued on Countertop

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If you hire someone to remove your countertop, that could be an expensive addition to an already frustrating renovation process. Although it's a taxing task to remove a glued countertop, and you have to proceed with caution, it is possible to get the job done yourself. All you need are a couple of tools, a bit of patience and an extra set of hands.

How to Remove a Glued on Countertop
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What You'll Need

Although you need to go through this process with caution, you don't need that many supplies to remove the glued countertop. All you need is a screwdriver, a putty knife, a utility knife and a pry bar.


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Key Things To Know Before Starting This Project

If you're in the process of renovating your kitchen or want to upgrade your countertop, it's important to remove the countertop in one piece and start from the beginning. Trying to save the countertop will only cause more damage to your cabinets. Countertops are not worth the time or energy to save. When you remove the countertop correctly, you should have no problem adding tile, stone or laminate.


Step 1: Clear Off All Appliances

Before you remove the countertop, always get rid of any items that are sitting on top. You don't want to cause additional damage to the cabinets, so removing everything from the area will give you much needed room to work.

Step 2: Remove The Caulk

Using a utility knife, cut the caulk that is between the backsplash and the wall. Then, slide your putty knife in between the wall and backsplash. To make this process easier, use a pry bar to pry off the countertop. In order to prevent damage, try to pry the backsplash away from the wall where there's a stud. This will help prevent damage to the wall behind the backsplash.


Step 3: Remove All Screws

Although the countertop may be glued down, there are also screws holding the countertop in place. If your countertop is not held together with glue, it's held in place by screws. If that's the case, then this is an easier process. All you have to do is remove the screws and gently lift the countertop to ensure that you don't damage the cabinets.


Step 4: Implement the Buddy System

Before you take off the countertops, find another person to help you. It is possible to lift the countertops off the cupboard by yourself, but with the aid of another person, this will further ensure that your cabinets will not get damaged.

Key Tip Before Starting This Project

Before you proceed to lift your countertop, make sure they're even glued on. Some countertops are screwed on instead of glued on, which is an easier process. All you would need to do is unscrew the screws that are holding the countertop down. Although this process is much easier, you should still work with a partner to ensure you don't damage your cabinets.



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