Caulk is a staple of the construction world; it's very likely that every room in your home contains caulk. Caulk plays the important role of closing gaps between two different surfaces such as molding and the walls. In the bathroom it prevents water from leaking behind bath tubs and showers and into your walls. Caulk loosens over time and needs to be replaced. The bathroom is one of the most common areas to need recaulking; it is important that you restrict use of the room until the caulk is completely dry. In order to return your home to order, you can speed up caulk drying and gain back use of your room.

Step 1

Determine what your caulk is predominantly made from. The two main types of caulk are silicone and acrylic latex. Check the label on your caulk for the type of caulk you used.

Step 2

Place a fan or a humidifier in the room with the caulk. If your caulk is acrylic latex, it dries as water evaporates from the caulk, so placing a fan in the room to blow on it will speed the drying process. If your caulk is silicone, it needs moisture in the air to dry, so placing a humidifier in the room should speed the drying process.

Step 3

Check the caulk every hour or so to ensure the fan or humidifier is making a difference. You may need to leave them running overnight, particularly if you are using the humidifier in a very dry area.