How to Make a Vinyl Floor Flatten Out

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A Common Problem With Vinyl Floor Is Curling at the Edges

Vinyl flooring is one of the "most popular floor coverings in homes today", according to That's because it's sturdy, easy to maintain, and easy to install. Vinyl flooring is also less expensive than linoleum. While you can lay down a beautiful vinyl floor without the expense of a contractor, it can pose problems by curling up around the edges of the room, especially if you didn't install baseboard molding. You can flatten the floor out in a few easy steps.


Step 1

Gently heat the vinyl floor with a hair dryer set on "low". After a few minutes when it's a bit more pliable, raise it up just so you can get to the back of it.

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Step 2

Apply vinyl floor adhesive onto the back of the flooring with a putty knife. Then, press it back down flat.


Step 3

Wipe any excess vinyl floor adhesive off the surface with an old rag. Use a rolling pin to flatten the flooring down.

Step 4

Place the 2 by 4 on top of the vinyl floor to flatten it out. Place additional weight on the 2 by 4 to hold it in place. You can use heavy books or paint cans, for example. Allow the vinyl floor adhesive to set undisturbed according to the drying instructions on the container before you remove the wood and the weight.

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