How to Cut Metal Transition Strips

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Transition strips are used between rooms on the interior of a house. They transition between two different flooring materials, such as carpet to hardwood. Transition strips come in various sizes and materials, with one of those materials being metal. Since all doorways and openings between rooms are not the same size, metal transition strips often need to be cut to size. Cutting a metal transition strip only requires a few tools to complete.


Step 1

Measure the size of the doorway or other area where the transition strip will be located with a tape measure. Run the tape measure from one end to the other and record the measurement.

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Step 2

Measure that same distance on the transition strip and mark the cut location with a black marker. Draw a straight line across the strip with the marker.


Step 3

Set the transition strip on a flat surface and press a hack saw against the mark. Hold one end of the transition strip with your nondominant hand and press down firmly on the hack saw with your dominant hand.

Step 4

Move the hack saw back and forth over the transition strip until it is cut in two pieces. Wipe off the edges with a clean rag and remove all the small shreds of metal left over from the cut.


Step 5

Set the transition strip in the desired location and verify that it fits in the opening properly. Repeat the process for any other transition strips that need to be cut.



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