Whether you are making some home repairs or working on a decorative craft project, you may need to adhere a piece of plexiglass to metal. Connecting these two durable materials is fairly easy. In just a few steps, and by using the proper glue, you will make a secure bond. The adhesive will take at least 24 hours to completely cure, so glue the materials together at least one day before they are needed for your project.

Ensure that the plexiglass is dry before adhering it to metal.

Step 1

Dip a rag in soapy water and clean dirt and dust from the surfaces of the plexiglass and metal where you want to put them together. Dry the area with another cloth or rag. If rust or other materials are stuck on the surfaces, rub a piece of steel wool over the area to create a clean surface for bonding.

Step 2

Use a piece of 120-grit sand paper on the plexiglass where you plan to attach it to the metal. Sand until the surface is rough and textured. This will create a better grip when it's glued to the metal.

Step 3

Prepare a metal epoxy glue according to the manufacturer's directions. Many epoxy adhesives require you to mix two separate compounds together before the glue is ready to use.

Step 4

Apply a line of the adhesive along both the plexiglass and metal surfaces For thinner surfaces, use a toothpick to layer on the glue. A flat wooden stick can be used to spread the epoxy over larger projects.

Step 5

Place the plexiglass and metal pieces together along the lines of glue. Press them firmly in place.

Step 6

Hold the pieces together by placing a clamp over the materials. The glue will take about three to six hours to set. Wait 24 hours for the epoxy to completely cure before removing the clamps and handling the glued materials.