How to Trim a Shower Curtain Liner

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A shower curtain liner that gathers in or out of the tub can be a safety hazard in more ways than one. Mold and mildew will find the damp folds of the oversized shower curtain liner to be an ideal place to set up colonies and spread. It can also create a slippery surface that trips you up as you enter or exit a running shower. Trimming a shower curtain liner keeps the water in the tub, cuts down on odiferous issues from mildew and offers a cleaner, safer experience overall.


Prepare the Liner for Trimming

Take down the shower liner if it is already hanging up. It is easier to work with it this way, and you won't double your efforts with an uneven trim. The shower curtain liner can also come tumbling down from its rings on the suspension rod while you are working on it.


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If the shower liner is already spotted with mold or if it is torn, you may want to replace it. A moldy shower curtain should be cleaned before you begin trimming. Sprinkle the affected area with baking soda and scrub with a sponge dipped in hot water. Scrub it until the mold lifts from the liner and the stains are relatively clear. The shower curtain liner should be cleaned once a month.

Measure the Shower Curtain Liner

Measure the shower curtain or check the measurements on the packaging. It should be elevated from the floor a few inches to keep the water in the shower stall or tub. The liner should not collect on the floor of the tub or shower stall; it should fall just at the cusp.


Once you have figured out the desired length of the shower curtain liner, fold the liner to the correct height and tape it. This will offer an even line when it is time to trim.

If this is difficult, mark the shower curtain liner with a pencil or dry erase marker. To test the material, mark an area that is not visible with the dry erase marker to make sure it will wipe off easily. The ink from a dry erase marker should wipe away cleanly from most vinyl shower liners.



Trim the Shower Curtain Liner

Lay the shower curtain liner on a flat surface. A large bed or an outdoor area works well. Make sure that the liner is completely free of wrinkles or bunching. Otherwise, the cut may be uneven.

With a pair of sharp scissors, slowly cut the liner. Move in small, deliberate motions across the liner so that it doesn't end up with a ragged edge. Smooth the liner as you cut to ensure it stays even as you work. Then hang it on the suspension rod.


If the shower curtain liner has magnets along the bottom that cling to the tub, then trimming the bottom may eliminate this handy feature. Instead of cutting, use double-sided adhesive to shorten the liner. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol before applying the adhesive to ensure it sticks.




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