Delta Shower Faucet Installation Instructions

Whether remodeling or building a new bathroom from the ground up, putting in quality fixtures is important. Delta makes products that add style to their surroundings but won't completely break your pocketbook. In order to save yourself a little more money, you can elect to install Delta fixtures on your own, including the shower faucet. A little technical knowledge is required, as well as a number of tools.

Shower fixtures are used almost daily, so proper installation is important.

Cartridge (Faucet) Installation

Step 1

Turn off the water supply.

Step 2

Remove the previous cartridge, if this is a remodel, including the cover, bonnet nut and test cap. If this is not a thin-wall mounting, you may remove the plaster guard entirely. The screen must also be removed before installing a new cartridge.

Step 3

Rotate the new cartridge (faucet handle) so the words "hot side" are on the left. Insert the cartridge straight into the valve body, connecting the two protruding tubes with the corresponding holes in the wall mount. Make sure the O-rings on the end of the cartridge are properly secured and the keys on the body are fully engaged with the slots on the body before connecting the cartridge to the wall.

Step 4

Slide the bonnet nut over the cartridge and hand tighten so it is secure.

Showerhead and Tub Spout

Step 5

Connect the wall end of the shower arm to the shower flange. Then, with the water supply still off, connect the shower arm to the top water outlet. Apply Teflon tape to the shower arm threads and screw on the shower head. Do not over-tighten the shower head.

Step 6

If the tub spout requires a slip-on installation, the copper tube must be 1/2 inch nominal copper. Slide the spout over the copper tube flush with the finished tub or wall. Tighten the set screw to secure the spout, but do not over-tighten.

Step 7

If the tub spout requires an iron pipe installation, install the threaded pip nipple to extend past the finished wall. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the pipe nipple and screw the tub spout on.

Step 8

If the tub spout requires a copper sweat installation, remove the O-ring from the adapter and solder the adapter to the tube, being careful not to solder too close to the O-ring groove. Cut off any excess tubing and replace the O-ring on the groove of the brass adapter. Thread the tub spout onto the adapter while not damaging the O-ring, and hand tighten until the spout is firmly up against the wall.

Trim Installation

Step 9

Slide the O-ring over the cartridge (faucet) and bonnet nut. The O-Ring should rest right behind the bonnet nut.

Step 10

If your model requires a spacer, insert that into the sleeve and push it towards the front. Slide the sleeve over the cartridge body and O-ring.

Step 11

Secure the escutcheon and the backplate (if the model requires it) to the backplate using the two screws provided by Delta. Do not over-tighten the screws.

Step 12

Install the handle onto the stem. Using an Allen wrench (which should be provided by Delta), tighten the set screw to finish.