How to Measure a Vanity

Whether you are planning to remodel the entire bathroom or you just want to replace an outdated vanity, you should know that bathroom vanities are sold in several different sizes. The size of your new vanity should depend on the size of your bathroom. To be sure of a good fit, measure your current vanity and compare it to the dimensions of the one you'd like to purchase.

Measure your current vanity to size a new one.

Step 1

Measure the width of the vanity at the base with a tape measure by measuring the front side of the vanity along the floor. Write this measurement down on a sheet of paper and label it "base width."

Step 2

Measure the top width of the vanity if the vanity is covered with a counter that is wider than the base. To do this, stretch the tape measure across the countertop at the front of the vanity. Write this measurement down and label it "top width."

Step 3

Measure the depth of the base from the front of the vanity to the back wall. If the vanity is between two walls, you may need to remove a drawer or open a cupboard door and measure through the vanity. Write the measurement down and label it "base depth."

Step 4

Measure the depth of the top of the vanity from the wall to the front edge of the countertop. Write down and label this measurement "top depth."

Step 5

Measure the height of the vanity from the floor to the top surface. Write down the measurement and label it "height."

Ashley Kurz

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