What Height Should a Shower Valve and Spout Be Set At?

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When installing shower fittings, the proper height is often overlooked until it is too late. The height of the shower valve and spout is critical to ensure ease and comfort when using the shower. If set too low, showering can be uncomfortable and challenging, and if set too high, they could be hard to reach properly. To find the best height for a shower spout and valve, you will need to keep in mind the users and the type of showerhead you have.


How High Should I Set My Shower?

A shower valve and spout should be about 38 to 45 inches above ground. If you also have a bathtub, the valve should be installed 8 to 18 inches above the tub spout.

Shower Installation Considerations

Before installing a shower, check the rules in your area — some towns and cities may have building codes concerning the installation of shower fittings. Search online for local laws regarding regulated shower fitting heights. If the information is unavailable online, you can call your local court for more information.


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If your local area does not regulate shower fitting height, then consider your personal needs before installation. Figure out what height is most comfortable for you and the other users of your shower. Stand in the shower and reach for the hypothetical valve to determine the most naturally comfortable height. Mark the spot with a piece of masking tape. Consider the other users of the bathroom and then find the average height that will best suit everyone.


What is the Standard Shower Height?

Generally, it’s recommended that shower valves be installed around 38 to 45 inches above ground. If your shower doubles as a bathtub, the valve should be installed 8 to 18 inches above the tub spout to accommodate seated bathers.

Showerheads should be installed 80 inches above the shower floor; however, appropriate heights can vary based on the showerhead. If installing showerheads in high-traffic areas that will see users of varying heights, such as at hotels, it’s recommended to install showerheads higher than 80 inches to accommodate all heights.

While appropriate shower spout and valve heights do not necessarily vary by brand, they do vary by type. Always check user instructions on the showerhead and valve for recommended heights. If nothing is listed, consider these general recommendations for common showerheads.


  • Handheld showerheads have a detachable showerhead and should therefore be installed within easy reach. Helpful for households with children, handheld showerheads can meet the needs of users with a wide array of heights. The recommended height for handheld showerheads is between 72 and 78 inches above the shower floor.
  • Rain showerheads are designed with a long arm so that the water will pour directly over the user's head. Ideal for users of varying heights and showers with low ceilings, a rain showerhead is meant to simulate rainfall. To achieve this effect, it's recommended that these showerheads be installed 84 inches above the shower floor.


Showerhead Accessory Height

If you are looking to raise the showerhead height without raising the installation site, a showerhead accessory can do the trick. For example, an S shower arm is a solution that is inexpensive and easy to install and will raise the height of the showerhead without moving the installation site.


If there is no room for an S shower arm or if the showerhead needs to be lowered, a swivel ball adapter may be best suited to your needs. The swivel ball adapter allows you to adjust the showerhead's angle so you can angle it lower or higher as needed.

If you are looking for a versatile height adjustment, an adjustable shower arm may be your best bet. Easy to install, an adjustable shower arm is an extension. Simply attach to the existing shower arm over some plumbers' tape and install the showerhead to the other end. A shower slide bar for handheld showerheads operates similarly; however, it's more complicated to install.



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