TOTO Toilet Colors

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TOTO toilets come in different colors.
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You want your home to reflect your personal style, and that means every detail is important – down to the colors of the toilets in your bathrooms. TOTO manufactures luxury toilets and bathroom fixtures, so it's a popular brand choice for homeowners. TOTO offers several color options for the homeowner designing or remodeling a bathroom, though none of them are green or hot pink; TOTO toilet colors are all distinctly neutral. These colors are not intended to serve as an exact match for any particular shade of bathroom decor, but one or more will contrast with or complement all but the most extreme bathroom design themes.


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Cotton: Pure White

Pure and lustrous white, Cotton is one of the most common colors for TOTO toilets and is available on most models. This color, like Colonial White, is compatible with most bathroom colors but requires regular rigorous cleaning to maintain its best appearance.

Colonial White: Classic White

Slightly darker and less lustrous than other white shades, Colonial White is available on select models of TOTO toilets. Very similar to shades such as Cotton, this toilet is a solid white that matches white paint and tile and complements light color schemes but clashes with cream and light beige, which may give the room a somewhat dingy appearance. Colonial White shows dirt easily and must be frequently cleaned to keep the toilet looking its best.


Ebony: Contemporary Black

Considering most toilets are some shade of white or beige, an all-black commode is an arresting sight. One of the less-common TOTO toilet colors is a glossy shade of black, sold as Ebony. Though not as commonly used as white, an Ebony TOTO toilet contributes to a contemporary look. This color has a pearlescent luster and is compatible with several light and dark color schemes such as yellow, green, blue, gray and black. Ebony toilets are dark enough to hide light dust and dirt.

Bone: Slightly Off-White

Because white requires so much attention to keep clean, many choose the off-white shade Bone for the bathroom. This color hides mild dust and dirt and requires less-frequent cleaning to remain looking its best. Bone is compatible with light and dark color schemes but may appear dingy in bright white bathrooms.


Sedona Beige: Hint of Yellow

Sedona Beige is another off-white color that, while lighter than Bone, features a hint of yellow. This shade creates a warm and inviting tone augmented by similar-color rooms. This particular shade of off-white is compatible with light-colored bathroom walls and tiles but works best in conjunction with Biscuit and other off-white colors.

More TOTO Toilet Colors

As you peruse TOTO's available models, you may see other colors named as options. For example, TOTO makes a line of toilets with in-wall tank systems, which use a push plate installed on the wall for flushing; when installing these toilets installing these toilets, buyers can choose silver matte as a push plate color. TOTO once also offered Gray as a shade for certain toilet models, but that color has been discontinued. However, as with any company, TOTO's color selections could be updated and expanded at any time.



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