What Is an Ejector Pump?

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An Ejector pump is required when building a bathroom in a basement.

Household plumbing systems rely on gravity to circulate to different parts of the home as well as to flush waste out of the home. In some instances there is no available gravity where the plumbing is required, so the plumbing fixtures are fixed below the nearest available sewer line. In this situation waste must first be lifted in order to reach the main drainage line; this is when an ejector pump is required.


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An ejector pump is a pump that replaces gravity during the transportation of waste from a plumbing space that is situated underneath the remainder of the system. Ejector pumps are typically used when homeowners want to add an extra bathroom to their basement.


When a basement is situated underneath the household's plumbing system the only way to expel waste is to catapult it upwards, hence the term "ejector." The waste is ejected up into the system.



Not only are ejector pumps expensive, they are also difficult to install. If an ejector pump is a requirement for home modification it is a good idea to hire a professional plumber to do the job.



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