Follow This Living Room's Example to Make a Neutral Color Palette Dynamic

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If you think that you need a ton of color to make your design stand out, then let this look by Interior Hints inspire you to consider the lasting beauty of neutrals. Rather than using many different pigments to create visual intrigue, this space capitalizes on the other side of the color spectrum: a monochrome palette. A natural wood coffee table and a matching midcentury shelving unit blend flawlessly with the floor's covetable herringbone pattern, while a complementary leather couch and rocking chair enhance those organic materials with their own warm hues. Meanwhile, a rug of whites and grays adds movement from below without sacrificing the one-note color story, and a pair of modern chandeliers contribute compelling yet subdued detail from above. We're particularly taken with that copper stool in the foreground, which works perfectly with the color scheme but adds a cool copper sheen into the mix. When opting for a neutral route, think of shades on their own spectrums — you can get plenty of tones out of a so-called simple "brown."


Make your neutral design shine with a copper stool of your own.

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