San Francisco's Babu Ji Welcomes Personalities With Bold India-Inspired Colors

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Babu Ji bar.
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Singh's favorite aspect of Babu Ji is the bar: "I wanted the bar to feel really special, like a jewel," she said. The metal-and-brass floral installation that hangs above the shelves was curated by local artist Jenni Witt, and nods to the floral garlands that Indians adorn themselves in for special occasions.

Dining room with portraits.
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Dining Room

Images of a wedding band player on the left and a babuji on the right hang in the dining room as easy conversation starters. "They are so intense and intriguing that even the most timid or shy guests often reach out to our team to ask the story behind these men," Singh said. J F Fitzgerald, a local company, upholstered the peacock blue banquette.

Private dining room.
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Private Dining Room

The private dining room is painted in a beautiful inky blue shade. Babu Ji serves thali, a selection of Indian dishes, in traditional copper and stainless steel plates with matching cups.

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