The Distance Between a Toilet & a Bidet

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Toilet and bidet in restroom.
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The distance between a toilet and a bidet -- or its functional equivalent -- can vanish all the way to zero, if you equip your toilet with a bidet attachment or a seat that functions as a bidet. If you are planning a new bathroom or retrofitting an older one with a standalone bidet, though, you'll most likely want to space this personal hygiene appliance along the same wall as the toilet and at a functional distance from it. A study of design recommendations can help you in this task.

Measurements You Need to Know

The centerline of the toilet should be at least 18 inches from the edge of the bidet, advises the National Kitchen and Bath Association's planning guidelines. The centerlines of both fixtures should be at least 18 inches from their respective walls. This means that if they share an enclosure, its minimum width will be 62 1/2 inches -- 3 times 18 inches, plus an 8 1/2-inch allowance for half the width of the bidet. The bidet itself typically occupies a footprint of 14 inches wide by 24 to 26 inches long, while a round-bowl toilet will be 18 inches wide by 27 inches long, and an elongated bowl toilet will be 18 inches wide by 30 inches long.

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