How to Mix White Cement and Sand to Make White Mortar Used for Building Stone Homes

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White mortar makes stonework pop out.
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Many homeowners enjoy the look of white mortar because of its ability to make stonework pop out. If you want to make your own white mortar, you'll need the right ingredients. To get true white mortar, you must mix white cement with white sand. Once you have the ingredients in place, make safety your next concern. Cement looks harmless but is very caustic. Protect your skin and lungs, while you work, to stay safe during this big job.


Step 1

Measure out one part white cement, six parts white sand and one part lime. For consistent measuring, use containers of the same size to scoop and level each part. Add the sand and cement to a wheelbarrow. Add the lime in a separate container that holds at least four times the volume of the lime.

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Step 2

Measure and add 2-1/2 times the hydrated lime's volume in water to the container. Mix the lime and water thoroughly. Leave the lime to hydrate or slake overnight.


Step 3

Mix the sand and cement with a hoe.

Step 4

Dig a hole in the middle of the sand and cement mixture. Add the slaked lime to the hole. Push and pull the mixture across the wheelbarrow with the hoe to Rough-mix the slaked lime with the cement and sand.

Step 5

Add one part water to the mixture. Stir it to achieve a uniform consistency. Add more water, as needed, with your part container or another graduated container. Mix the mortar to achieve a uniform consistency after each addition. Add water until the mortar is the consistency of soft mud then make a ridge in the mortar. If it holds its shape without slumping, the mortar is ready for use. Record the amount of water that you add to easily replicate the mixture later.


Step 6

Pour more water onto the mortar, as necessary, to maintain the correct consistency. As you work, the mortar will begin to dry out. Discard the mortar mix after 2-1/2 hours as it will be too hard to use.

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