How to Fit a Side Splash on a Vanity

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Bathroom vanity tops are made of many different types of materials, including laminate, marble and granite, among others. A backsplash is typically installed along the back edge of a vanity to enhance its appearance and to prevent water from seeping into the rear crack. When the left or right end of a vanity is installed against a wall, an additional side splash is a good idea to protect the wall and the end of the countertop. The steps for fitting and installing a side splash are almost identical to those for installing a backsplash, although the side piece is much shorter.


Fit a Vanity Side Splash

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Step 1: Install the Bathroom Vanity

Install the bathroom vanity completely according to the manufacturer's instructions if it has not already been installed.

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Step 2: Position the Side Splash

Position the side splash on the side of the vanity where it will be installed, pushing it as far against the back and side walls as possible. If you have a laminate side splash, make sure that the finished side butts against the wall and the unfinished side faces out. If the side splash is made of stone, such as marble or granite, or a solid-surface material such as cultured marble, the unpolished side should face the room. Positioning the side splash in this way will allow you to draw a cut mark on the back of the piece so that you don't cut off the finished portion.


Step 3: Draw Line on Inside Edge

Draw a line on the inside edge of the side splash at the location where it meets the front edge of the vanity. Use a pencil or a dry-erase marker so you can remove the mark later.

Step 4: Cut Side Splash Along Line

Put on safety glasses and hearing protection and cut the side splash material along the line you drew. Use a circular saw if the side splash is laminate or solid surface material, and if it is stone, cut it using a diamond wet saw.


Step 5: Clean Side Splash and Vanity

Wipe the side splash clean with a damp cloth and then wipe the top surface of the vanity with the cloth to remove all dust and debris.

Install the Side Splash

Step 1: Apply Adhesive to Side Splash

Turn the side splash facedown and, in a circular pattern, apply construction adhesive to the side that will be facing the wall. The circular pattern will help the side splash to adhere better. Apply an additional strip of adhesive along the bottom edge of the side splash where it meets the vanity.


Step 2: Press Side Splash in Place

Press the side splash back in place firmly, ensuring that the finished end faces out. If any adhesive oozes out during installation, immediately wipe it up using a clean, damp cloth.

Step 3: Apply Caulk Along the Edges

Wait until the adhesive is completely dry and then insert a tube of clear silicone caulk into a caulk gun. Apply a 3/8-inch bead of caulk along the bottom edge of the side splash where it meets the top of the vanity. Then extend the caulk up the rear corner seam where the side splash and back splash meet.