How Thick Is Ceramic Tile?

There are numerous ceramic tile types on the market from which to choose. They range in size across the facial dimensions and thickness. While the average tile is about one-quarter inch thick, they can range up to three quarters inch. This allows you to customize areas where you need more or less thickness based upon the project's requirements.

Ceramic tiles
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Tiles come in varying thicknesses.

The Average

Most tiles, such as the 12-inch floor tile that is the most common size and type tile sold, are about three-sixteenths or one-quarter inch thick. These tiles are manufactured using a process known as rectification, which creates tiles that are as close to the same size as possible. However, even rectified tiles vary up to a sixteenth inch in size.

Sheet Tile

Small-bodied ceramic tiles manufactured on sheets are thinner. They are sold in 1- and 2-inch formats, with the tiles held together on a glue-and-paper sheet backing that helps the entire sheet stay together when installed as a single square or rectangle, depending on the manufacturer. Sheet tiles are most commonly one-eighth-inch thick, although it can depend on the ceramic type being used.

Wall Tile

The most common ceramic wall tile type used in settings such as airports and commercial structures is the 4-1/4-inch tile. These are designed and manufactured for stacking on a wall from the bottom up. Little extensions on the sides known as lugs allow the tiles to be stacked tight to one another with just a slight joint provided by the lugs as they butt up against each other. These tiles are around three-sixteenths inch thick.

Large-Bodied Tiles

Also known as large-bodied tiles, any tile that is more than 14 inches in facial dimensions qualifies. As a rule, these tiles are thicker the larger they are, although there can be exceptions. A common 16- to 18-inch piece is about three-eighths inch thick, although pieces more than 20 inches can range up to three quarters inch thick depending on if it is an exterior or interior type of ceramic and its designed use.

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