Can You Use Chrome Paint on a Sink Drain?

Chrome paint provides a shiny surface that resembles metal. Certain types of metallic paint are only suitable on surfaces that remain dry, while others can cover plumbing fixtures and items subject to regular water exposure. Apply chrome-colored metallic paint to a sink drain after you prepare the surface properly.

Metallic paint restores the appearance of an old drain.

Paint Formula

Metallic paints, such as chrome paint, contain small particles that reflect light, giving the painted object the appearance of metal. Use metallic paints on metal surfaces to enhance their shine or on wood and plastic objects to give them the appearance of being metallic. Epoxy enamel paint provides one of the most durable finishes for use on metal plumbing fixtures. This type of paint resists moisture and forms an ultra-hard surface on metal and other materials.


The success of your paint job relies heavily on proper preparation. Encourage the best possible adhesion by scrubbing the drain with soapy water. Buff off the surface sheen with fine-grade sandpaper. Remove all traces of oil and grease with denatured alcohol.


Dry the drain with a clean towel to remove all traces of moisture. Dampness on the surface of the metal prevents paint from adhering properly. Use a metal primer prior to applying the chrome paint to the surface. Apply thin, even coats of the epoxy enamel, and let each coat dry completely. Use two to three coats of the metallic paint to achieve the look of solid metal. Let the surface dry for the amount of time recommended on the product label before exposing the drain to water.


Maintain the attractive appearance of a newly-painted drain or other fixture by cleaning it with a soft washcloth or nylon scrub pad. Avoid abrasive cleaners, such as scouring powder and steel wool. Coarse cleansers and harsh scrubbing shortens the life of the paint, leading to flaking and peeling.

Laura Wallace Henderson

Laura Wallace Henderson

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