Oven Igniter Won't Stop Ticking

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It might be possible to fix your oven if the igniter won't stop ticking.
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Gas stoves are the pride and joy of seasoned chefs and novice cooks because gas burners tend to heat up quicker than electric stoves, and gas flames work better with a variety of cookware. Clicking is normal when your turn on your gas burner, but if your gas stove keeps clicking when you turn it off, there might be an issue. You can sometimes personally access the situation before you call a technician if your stove igniter keeps clicking when off.


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Food Debris Causing Clicking

According to Aviv Service Today, a major reason why your gas stove keeps clicking could be due to stuck-on food. Food debris can get stuck in the ignition system, which is why your stove igniter keeps clicking when turned off. The food lodged in the ignitor throws the system off. To rectify this, all you have to do is clean out the dirt.

First, unplug the power source before you clean the cooktop ignitor. After you turn off the power source, remove the burner cap and use a toothbrush or another small brush to dislodge the food. Clean around the burner, underneath the knobs and even around the ignitor.


After you remove any dirt or grime from these areas, use a little bit of alcohol on a cotton swab to get rid of any leftover oil or buildup. Removing the food debris should stop the gas stove from clicking when not in use.

Moisture Causing Clicking

Another reason your gas stove won't stop clicking when it's off could be because there's excess moisture. Think about the times when you're cooking and your pot bubbles over or sauce splatters everywhere. Even though you thought you cleaned everything up, moisture can get into the ignitor, which could be why your gas stove keeps clicking. You must let the stove parts breathe from time to time because even excessive cleaning can cause a buildup of moisture.


To get rid of the excess moisture, unplug the power source and remove the knobs and burner caps. Lift the stovetop and use a paper towel to absorb any moisture that you see. Then, let everything air out for a couple of hours. When all of the moisture is gone, you can put the parts back together.

Gas Stove Keeps Clicking

Sometimes your gas stove keeps clicking for other reasons besides moisture or food lodged in the ignitor. It could be as simple as the cap is misaligned or you have faulty parts. If you've checked for moisture and lodged food, check to see if your burner cap is in place.


When the burner cap is misaligned, this could be why your gas stove is clicking when not in use. Remove the burner grate and put the cap properly in place.

Another reason your gas stove keeps clicking could be due to faulty parts. You can purchase the parts and replace them yourself, but it's highly recommended that you hire a certified technician when dealing with faulty ignitors.



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