Getting Super Glue Off a Leather Couch

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Super glue is the double-edged sword of the crafting community. This industrial-strength adhesive can repair beloved knickknacks and can even help with minor furniture repair, like that split antique frame in the hall. However, true to its name, a little can go a long way, and cleanup can be a real bother. That goes double when it comes to removing dried super glue from a beloved leather sofa. There are two popular methods when it comes to getting the job done. One is slightly more intensive than the other and should only be tried when the first method has failed.


Removing Super Glue With Soap and Water

In the ideal situation, you notice the super glue right away and swoop in with a warm, moist terrycloth rag and wipe it up before the glue dries. However, that's not usually the case. Removing super glue from leather furniture, like a couch or sofa, is best done quickly. The soap and water method relies on friction to remove the mess.


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  1. Scrape off as much of the dry super glue as you can. You will want to apply firm, even pressure and use something with a duller edge (like a plastic spoon or an old comb) as you scrape. Be careful not to tear or damage your leather couch. The goal is to remove glue, not leather.

  2. Using a sponge saturated in warm, soapy water (bleach-free dish soap is fine), gently scrub the covered area.

  3. Using a second dry sponge, sop up the glue and soap residue left behind.

  4. Let the sofa dry fully before going to the next step. Leather and water can work together if it's done right, but you don't want to saturate the leather.

  5. If glue remains, repeat these steps until the super glue is gone.

  6. Once the glue is gone and the leather is dry, use a leather conditioner of your choice on the treated area to help maintain its appearance.


Removing Super Glue With Acetone

When friction, soap, and water just won't do, it's time to break out the acetone. This popular solvent is mostly associated with removing fingernail polish, but it's designed to tackle other jobs too, and when it comes to getting super glue off a leather couch, there's nothing better. There is a trade-off because if it's used without caution, acetone can make leather brittle and remove its color. That's why it's critical to test acetone on an inconspicuous part of your couch before you use this method to remove super glue.


  1. Test your leather couch with a wet cotton swab dipped in acetone. Try the back, the bottom of a cushion, or some other inconspicuous area. If your leather responds positively, keep going.

  2. Take a fresh cotton swab dipped in acetone and gently saturate the glue on the leather couch. The goal is to dissolve the glue rather than soak the couch itself.

  3. Use a warm, soapy sponge to gently remove the glue that has lifted.

  4. Wait for the couch to dry completely.

  5. If any glue remains, repeat these steps until the super glue has been completely removed from the couch.



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