How to Troubleshoot a GE Dishwasher With Flashing Lights

GE Corporation manufactures a bevy of dishwasher products and all current models have lighted control panels either on the front face or concealed along the top edge of the door. The lights have various roles depending on the dishwasher model features, but GE provides a general troubleshooting tool (See Resources) for common causes of flashing indicator lights. Most lights signal the onset or finish of a normal wash and dry process while others denote unusual or problematic circumstances that require your attention. Since people don't often watch the dishwasher like television, throughout its entire cycle, what may seem unusual may in fact be completely normal. Troubleshooting to differentiate between the two can prevent the headache and expense of a service call.

GE dishwasher use light to signal normal processes as well as problems.

Step 1

Check the dishwasher door to see if it was latched properly or has become unlatched during the wash process. This causes the indicator light to flash on several models sometimes accompanied by beeping on others. Simply press the top of the door in toward the washer until you hear or feel the latch click.

Step 2

Understand that a blinking light on the "Start/Reset" button is notifying you that the current function has been interrupted and the dishwasher is resetting itself or in the process of turning itself off. This can be caused by pressing the "Start/Reset" button or by a power failure. Intermittently, the light flashes for anywhere from 75 to 90 seconds depending on your specific dishwasher model.

Step 3

Reboot a dishwasher subjected to a power failure or power surge that continues to blink longer than 90 seconds, by turning off power to the dishwasher at the circuit breaker for 30 seconds before turning it back on. This should reset the dishwasher controls and stop the persistent blinking.

Step 4

Consider that GE dishwashers with the ActiveVent with Fan Assist feature can flash a "PF" on the lighted display if the vent louver gets stuck either up or down. Press the vent down with your finger and press the "Clear" button on the control panel to clear the flashing.

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