How to Fix Pitted Brass

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A brass fixture can add eloquence to a room's decor.

Brass furniture and fixtures can add a touch of eloquence to any home decor. However, when brass items become pitted they can detract instead of add to the visual appearance of a room. Pitting in brass surfaces is the result of oxidation caused by the air reacting with the metal. Many brass fixtures are coated with a lacquer finish to help protect them, but they too can eventually become pitted.


Step 1

Remove the lacquer finish on the brass using paint remover and a rag. Rub the surface thoroughly with the paint remover for ten minutes to ensure the lacquer is removed. Removing the lacquer will make the sanding process easier.

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Step 2

Sand the surface of the pitted brass completely using a 150-grit sandpaper. Hold the sandpaper firmly, but do not grind it into the brass surface. Move the sandpaper over the brass surface using long, even strokes.


Step 3

Repeat the sanding process using a 250-grit sandpaper and then a 350-grit sandpaper. Use the same technique for each subsequent grit sandpaper as you used for the first one. The courser sandpaper, while removing the pitting, will scratch the brass surface. The finer-grit sandpaper removes the scratches left behind by the courser sandpaper.

Step 4

Apply a final round of sanding to the brass surface using a very fine 600-grit sandpaper. Lightly move the sandpaper over the brass surface to remove slight scratches that may remain after the use of the other sandpaper.

Step 5

Polish the brass using a brass polish and a clean, soft rag. Follow the instructions on the container of the particular brass polish you use.

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