Ants in the Bed

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Stop eating in bed to get rid of ants in your bed.

Turn on the lights and inspect your bedsheets. If you see ants crawling around, there could be several reasons. Sometimes can bring ants with you from outside or from another area of your house where ants are congregating. Ants also could have found their way into your bed because you turn your sleeping area into a picnic area too often. Make a few changes to remove the ants -- and to keep them at bay.


Stop Eating in Bed

Do not eat in bed if you want to permanently remove ants. A crumb is a feast for an ant and the trail of friends it brings with it into your bed. That trail can move from a nearby window into your bed. Cut off the food source and eat at the kitchen table instead.


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Wash Your Sheets

Wash your sheets in a bleach-based detergent to make sure they are fully disinfected. The same goes for your blankets and pillowcases. If you use a comforter, send it to the dry cleaners. You want to completely take off all the mattress coverings -- such as a pillow top cover or a standard mattress cover -- and wash or dry clean those items.


Find the Source

Inspect the area around your bed to find where the ants are coming from. Often ants do not travel alone. Try to locate a line of ants moving from a source -- such as a window, a door, a windowsill, a hole or a crack in the wall.

Spray Ant Killer

Select your choice of ant killer and spray all around the source of the ants and around your bed. If you are looking for a safe, nonchemical ant killer, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar. Let the solution you spray dry before reentering the room. Reapply as needed.



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