Where Should I Place an Air Purifier in a Bedroom?

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The bedroom is a perfect place to use an air purifier since so many hours per night are spent sleeping in that space. An air purifier helps remove dust mites, fine particles, and other tiny substances floating in the air, all of which might otherwise contribute to breathing issues for those with asthma, allergies, and various other health conditions. The best place to put the air purifier in the bedroom is somewhat near the bed in an unobstructed area.



Always read the purifier manual before using the device for the first time, as different models may have slightly different usage requirements.

Place It on a Nightstand

Atop a nightstand or side table near the head of the bed is an ideal location for an air purifier because the purifier works best if it's not directly on the floor. This also ensures that the cleanest air coming out of the purifier reaches those in the bed.


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If the noise is a bit bothersome, place the air purifier slightly farther away but still aim it toward the head of the bed. If it's too far away, you won't enjoy the full benefits of the clean air. In a huge bedroom, for instance, placing it a great distance from the bed keeps the air far away from the bed quite clean, but the purifier won't have much of an effect on the air you breathe in as you sleep.


Air Purifier Don'ts

Much like other devices that impact the air in your room, such as a portable air conditioner, some places are not ideal for an air purifier. Don't place it under a shelf or tuck it into a bookcase, as it needs ample airflow to function properly. For this reason, it also shouldn't be used in a corner of a room or against any furniture. Air purifiers have intake valves that must not be obstructed, or the device can't do its job well.


Also avoid placing the air purifier near a humidifier, as the added moisture in the room could negatively affect the filters in the purifier. Keep the purifier away from extreme heat or even a window facing the sun on a hot summer day, as the excessive heat could damage the unit.

Other Air Purifier Tips

An air purifier works best in a room with all the windows closed and ideally the door too. Otherwise, new air keeps mixing in with the cleaned air, and the purifier has to constantly remove more pollutants. Always clean or replace the air filters as often as recommended by the manufacturer, especially if you run the purifier every night. When the filters clog, the air purifier doesn't work quite as well. It's still important to sweep or vacuum the room regularly to remove dust, as dust bunnies could clog the filters as well.


Run the air purifier for at least an hour before heading to bed; this way, the air is already fairly clean when it's time to rest. Make sure the purifier's cord is out of your usual walking path to the bed so it won't be a tripping hazard, especially at night with the room's lights off.



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