How to Get Rid of Caterpillars in the House

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Caterpillars can come into your house as guests on plants you bring inside or by creeping in through holes in screens, open windows, or cracks in the walls. While these pests aren't dangerous to you, they're unsightly and unsanitary. Caterpillars come in a wide range of colors and may feel smooth or hairy. They chew on plants, and can quickly put holes in indoor and outdoor foliage if you don't treat an infestation. This is how to get rid of caterpillars in the house.


1. Sweep Walls and Windows

Use a broom to brush caterpillars off the exterior and interior walls of your house once a day to prevent them from leaving a slime trail that could stain your house. Also broom caterpillars off windows and screens. For caterpillars on the outside of your house, spraying them with water from a hose also works.


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2. Remove Caterpillars from Surfaces and Plants

Pluck caterpillars off furniture, counters, and other spaces. Also, check houseplants for caterpillars and remove the caterpillars from plants. Return the caterpillars outside or dispose of them.

3. Find and Remove Cocoons

Sweep away caterpillar cocoons using a stiff-bristled broom. Bury or burn the cocoons to nip your caterpillar problem in its tracks.


4. Spray Your Foundation and Plants

Apply an insecticide that targets caterpillars around the foundation of your house, following the application instructions for your product. For control inside the house, spray plants with an insecticide or dust them with insecticidal powder.

5. Inspect Your House Regularly

Continue to manually remove caterpillars from around your house while the insecticide does its work.



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