4 Reasons There's Low Water Pressure in Your Moen Kitchen Faucet

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Moen manufactures a variety of kitchen faucets in many different styles, including two handled, one handled, pullout spout, high and low spout arcs and several various finishes. Sold online and in a variety of home retail or appliance stores, Moen faucets are typically sold with a limited warranty. Minor problems with the faucets, however, can often be resolved through troubleshooting, including issues with water pressure.



The water pressure may be low in a Moen kitchen faucet because of water valves that are not fully turned on, a kinked water supply line, a clogged aerator screen or debris in the cartridge.

1. Water Valves Are Not Fully Open

The first thing to check with low water pressure is the household water supply. Locate the water valves below the kitchen sink, and ensure the water valves are fully turned on (counterclockwise) to allow for full water supply to the faucet.

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Look for possible leaks on the water valves, and contact a plumber for assistance if the valves seem to be leaking. Also check to make sure that the water supply lines are not crimped or kinked, which will decrease the water pressure and inhibit the flow of water.


2. Household Water Flow is Low

The household water supply pressure can affect the water pressure throughout the home. Inspect the water heater, and ensure the water supply is fully turned on and there are no obstructions to water flow. Straighten out any hoses or tubing.

Note that running water through several faucets or appliances at the same time may reduce the overall water pressure in the home, particularly if you're running heavy-duty appliances such as a washing machine and dishwasher.


3. Aerator Screen is Dirty

Many new faucets are designed to reduce water use for increased energy and water savings. The aerator is a small disc located on the tip of the water faucet that looks like a little screen. Moen instructs consumers to unscrew the aerator by turning it counterclockwise to remove it. Rinse the screen to dislodge any debris that's trapped in it, which should increase the overall water flow.


If you have a pullout or pulldown Moen kitchen sink faucet, remove the hose from the wand and rinse any trapped debris from the screen that fits between these two parts. If the water pressure is still low, you may need to replace the wand.

4. There is Sediment in the Cartridge

Sediment entering the water supply can also cause debris to block the water flow to the faucet. After you've cleared any debris from the aerator screen and the water pressure from the faucet is still low, the problem may be sediment in the water cartridge. If this is the culprit, you'll need to replace the cartridge. If you have a double-handled faucet, you'll need to replace both cartridges.

After replacing the cartridge(s), you'll also have to flush and clean the valve body to finish boosting the water pressure to your faucet.



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