How to Pull Out a Tree Stump With a Truck

Cutting down an unwanted tree solves half the problem because it leaves behind a stump. To prevent the tree from growing back or to completely remove it from your yard or garden, you need to pull out the stump, along with the roots. Pull the stump of a large tree out of the soil using a truck. Secure a thick metal chain to the back of the trunk and loop it around the stump so it grasps it firmly while pulling it out.

Pull out an undesirable tree stump using a truck.

Step 1

Cut the top of the stump down to 10 to 12 inches above the ground. Use a chain saw to trim the stump down, so it is easier to pull from the soil.

Step 2

Insert the tip of a shovel in the soil around the stump and dig a trench around it to expose its deepest roots. Depending on the size of the tree, dig a 2- to 4-foot deep trench all the way around the stump, and as deep as required. Create mounds of dirt around the stump while digging the trench.

Step 3

Inspect the exposed roots and brush away the dirt covering larger ones so they are visible. Cut larger, thicker roots with a pruning saw and smaller ones with lopping shears to sever their hold on the stump. Collect the cut roots in a tarp or garbage bag to later dispose.

Step 4

Slide the shovel under the root ball of the stump to loosen it. Go all around the root ball, wiggling the shovel underneath to loosen roots from the soil.

Step 5

Park the truck close to the stump, with the rear of the truck facing the stump. Insert one end of a heavy metal chain in the truck hitch.

Step 6

Wind the chain around the center of the stump, ensuring it is taut so it does not slide upward and off.

Step 7

Start the truck's engine. Slowly press the accelerator so the truck moves forward and the chain begins to haul the stump out of the soil. Keep pressing and releasing the accelerator in short spurts so the chain tugs the stump and pulls it. Watch through the rear view mirror so you know when to press and release the accelerator.

Step 8

Press and release the accelerator at a steady pace until the stump stops resisting the force and comes out of the soil, indicating its roots have broken.