My Yucca Plant Has Brown Leaves

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Yucca plants are tough, perennial shrubs that can survive in sunny climates with dry soils, such as beach landscapes and deserts. Yucca is remarkable for its statuesque, sword-like leaves and towering panicle flowers, making it a desirable desert plant for landscaping. If you've nurtured this eye-catching plant in your garden or a container but now you notice the leaves turning brown and dying, here are some reasons your hardy yucca might suffer from some brown spots.


Freeze-Damaged Brown Yucca Leaves

Yucca (​Yucca filamentosa​) prefers heat and dryness. Put this plant in a temperature colder than its natural zone, even for just a few hours, and it'll cost you some deep green leaves. A few days after the cold exposure, the leaves will appear cracked and mushy, and eventually, the brown yucca leaves will fall off the plant.


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The good news is that freeze damage spurs new lower growth in yucca. However, in the future, remember to over-winter your yucca by bringing it inside or into a greenhouse to avoid traumatizing it and to keep it green year-round.

Parched Brown Yucca Leaves

While yucca leaves will certainly object to moist soil, this shrub also can't thrive in bone-dry dirt. If the yucca leaves have crisped and browned before falling off, then the plant may need a little more moisture. Test the soil with your finger. Completely dry soil will need to be watered more frequently, though still sparingly.


On the other hand, over-watered yuccas will take on drooping, yellow leaves. If you suspect you've watered a yucca too much, check the plant for root rot. Remove the damaged roots if needed, re-pot, and ease up on the watering.

Too Little Light

A container yucca inside your home is one of those plants that loves a south-facing window so it can receive bright, indirect light all day. A yucca plant in partial shade or a less sunny window might not develop brown leaves, but its growth may remain stunted.


A yucca desperate for more light will develop yellow leaves that eventually brown before falling off. Try moving your yucca to a sunnier window spot. If that's not possible, consider purchasing a grow light to supplement your sunshine needs.

Yucca Natural Aging

Not every brown leaf is a sign that something is wrong, especially if you're witnessing brown leaves only showing up at the bottom of the yucca stem. It's completely natural for larger yucca to drop their lower leaves, revealing the trunk, as the plant becomes more established. Sometimes, shedding older leaves is necessary for the yucca plant to focus its energy and nutrients on new growth.



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