How to Hang a Hammock From the Ceiling

Hammocks are most often enjoyed outside strung between two trees or mounted on a hammock stand. A hammock is perfect for relaxing as it sways gently in the breeze. Hammocks, however, can be mounted from the ceiling in bedrooms or living rooms to provide a comfortable place to relax in the comfort of your home. Some also find that a hammock works better for them as a bed instead of a large fixed mattress.

Hammocks are not just for outside use.

Step 1

Locate the area to install the hammock. Depending on the size of the hammock, the hanging points need to be about 16 1/2 feet from one another when hanging from an 8-foot ceiling.

Step 2

Use the stud finder to locate the nearest ceiling joist to the area for hanging the hammock. When you find a stud, use the awl to locate the center of the stud by tapping the handle along the wall to find either side of the stud. Use the tip of the awl to make a small hole to mark the center of the stud and the location to drill.

Step 3

Drill a pilot hole for the J-hook and screw the hook into the ceiling joist. Attach one end of the hammock to the J-hook, then stretch the hammock toward the location for the other J-hook.

Step 4

Use the hammock as a guide to find the distance to the next hanging point. Locate another stud with the stud finder. The hammock should sag in the middle but be far enough off the ground that it won't touch the ground when you're in it.

Step 5

Use the awl to tap along the stud to find either side of it and mark the center with the tip of the awl. Drill a pilot hole at the mark and screw in the last J-hook.

Step 6

Hang the other end of the hammock and test out the height. If the hammock is too high, add rope or chain in equal distances to the hanging points until the desired hanging height is achieved. Use carabiners to attach the end of the hammock to the lengths of chain to extend the overall length.