How to Hammer a Nail Into a Stud

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Nails can easily be hammered into studs.

Studs are vertically installed 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 boards that make up the framing of a house. They are the foundation of nearly every home. Studs are attached, often using a hammer and nails, to horizontal boards at the top and bottom. Hammering a nail into a stud is an essential skill for many home-improvement projects.


Step 1

Inspect the stud and determine which way the nail will be hammered into it. Decide if the nail will go through its thickness or width. Measure the thickness and width of the stud so the proper size nail can be installed.

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Step 2

Mark with a pencil where the nail will be hammered in. Draw a small dot at the proper spot. Line up the nail next to the stud. Make sure it is not so long that it will go through the other side of the stud when hammered in.


Step 3

Hold the hammer in your dominant hand and hold the nail directly in its center with your other hand. Press the nail against the pencil mark. Hit the nail head firmly with the hammer directly in the center. Remove your finger from the nail once it has been hit and is lodged into the stud.

Step 4

Hammer the nail again with a hammer in the exact same spot. Pound the nail until it has been hammered into the stud and the head of the nail is flush with with the stud. Look at the other side of the stud and check to make sure the nail did not go through.

Step 5

Mark where the next nail will be installed and repeat the process for the rest of the nails that need to be installed into the stud.

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