How to Keep a Bathroom Dry With No Window

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It's natural for bathrooms to create steam and water vapor, especially if you like to take hot showers or baths. You'd think that most bathrooms have windows, but some smaller terraced homes and apartments sometimes don't have them, which can make it a tad difficult to keep your bathroom dry. Don't fret if you don't have any bathroom windows because there are other ways to vent the area.


Extractor Fan in the Bathroom

If you don't already have an extractor fan in your bathroom, buying one should be your first line of defense when getting rid of moisture in your bathroom. According to Envirovent, extractor fans remove moisture-laden air from your bath, shower or sink before any water vapor condenses back into a liquid.


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Extractor fans will draw out the moisture-laden air, and the moisture will be expelled outside through the vents or ducts in your bathroom. As soon as the air is outside, drier and fresher air will circulate back through the room.

In addition to expelling moisture, extractor fans also remove odor, so you're really getting two for the price of one. According to Island Bathrooms & Kitchens, while you can purchase your own extractor fan, it is best to hire a professional who is up to date on the best extractor fans on the market. Many inexpensive extractor fans are marketed to homeowners, but these fans are generally not high quality.


According to Island Bathrooms & Kitchens, these inexpensive fans will break down in the long run and cause you a bigger headache. Although extractor fans are a big-ticket item, hiring a professional to install your extractor fan will prevent mold problems in the future.

Dehumidifier for Excess Moisture

If you don't have any bathroom windows, another item that could prevent mold is a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers like the Pohl Schmitt Mini Dehumidifier, the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier or even the LONOVE Dehumidifier can be relatively inexpensive compared to installing a window in your bathroom, and they help extract humidity and moisture from bathrooms.


Hayes Plumbing & Bathroom Renovations recommends turning on your dehumidifier before you get in the shower and leaving it on for several minutes after getting out of the shower. If you do this, your bathroom should stay relatively dry. The only con about purchasing a dehumidifier is that you will have to empty it regularly. Also, keep in mind that the larger your bathroom is, the bigger your dehumidifier needs to be.


Bathroom and Surface Protection

Besides having an extractor fan or dehumidifier in your bathroom, bathroom and surface protection is essential if you don't have windows in your bathroom and want to keep out moisture. You don't want mold in your bathroom because it can cause serious health issues and make your bathroom look unsightly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you'll know if you have a mold problem because you can smell large infestations.


Devine Bath suggests that even if you don't have windows, you can still limit bathroom moisture by taking a colder shower. Taking a colder shower will not only reduce your heating bill, but it will also reduce heat and condensation in your bathroom.

Another thing you can do is wipe away excess moisture right after you take a shower. A shower squeegee will get rid of excess water from your shower or tub walls. You can also wipe your counters using a microfiber cleaning cloth to wick up excess moisture.




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