How to Make a Floor Fan Have Colder Air

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Things You'll Need

  • Large plastic bowl or empty 2-liter soda bottles

  • Towel

Ice helps a floor fan blow cooler air.

Air moving over your skin helps to cool your body as it pushes/pulls away the heat your body holds. It's a simple process of heat exchange. You can use floor fans -- in coordination with other forms of home cooling or by themselves -- to reduce warm-weather energy costs. A fan will allow you to turn off the energy-devouring air conditioner, or at least to use it at a lower output. In extremely hot conditions, you can use ice to help the fan blow cooler air. This prevents it from circulating hot, dry air throughout the room.


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Step 1

Position the floor fan in the same room with you but no more than 10 to 12 feet away.

Step 2

Fill a large plastic bowl or other waterproof container with cubes of ice. Another idea is to fill empty 2-liter soda bottles or empty water bottles with water and freeze them.

Step 3

Lay a towel 2 or 3 feet in front of the fan. This will absorb any condensation from the ice containers.

Step 4

Place the frozen bottles or bowl of ice on the towel.

Step 5

Turn the fan on at a comfortable speed for the people in the room. The fan will blow air on the ice or frozen bottles, thus cooling the air.


Replace the ice cubes or frozen bottles when they are about halfway melted. Keep an ample supply in your freezer to replace the melted ice.

Pour any melted water into ice cube trays to recycle the water and prevent waste, or simply refreeze the bottles.


If you live in a humid location, it is best to use frozen water bottles rather than bare ice, since the melting ice adds humidity to the air.