What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Stepping Stones?

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Stepping stones create a pathway through a garden.

Garden stepping stones can make a colorful and fun addition to any garden or lawn. Choosing the proper type of paint to use on stepping stones is very important. Since the stones are meant to stay outside in the weather year-round, a durable outdoor paint is normally recommended; but other kinds of paints will work too.


Acrylic Paint

You can paint garden stepping stones with acrylic patio paint since it is weather-resistant and permanent. Acrylic paint comes in a huge assortment of colors, allowing you to get creative with your stones. Acrylic patio paint is safe to use on wood, terra-cotta and concrete. One advantage to this type of paint is that it does not require sealing or varnishing after you apply it. It is safe for children to use as well, and cleans up easily when you are done. A color chart is available at the Deco Art website, where you can view all of the available colors.


Oil paint

Oil paints are a good choice for painting stepping stones since they are known for lasting longer than some other types of paints. Oil paints tend to stay more vibrant as well. It is recommended that, if you make your stones yourself from a mix, you should let them dry at least two to three days before painting them with your oil paints. Oil paints can be messy, and you'll need to clean your brushes with paint thinner after you use them with oil paints.

Puffy Paint

Puffy paint can be fun to use when you are decorating your garden stepping stones. You should first apply a base coat of acrylic paint to your stones, and let the paint dry completely. Then you can use puffy paints to draw or write on your stones. For a vegetable garden, you could write what is planted in each row on a stone and place it at the end of the row. Write phrases, such as "Welcome To My Garden" or "Welcome," to stones to place on a garden or lawn pathway.


Exterior Sealant

You'll need to apply a coat of exterior sealant to stepping stones that you have painted with interior acrylic paint, oil paint or puffy paint after the paint has completely dried. Sealing your stones will protect the surfaces of the stones from exposure to water, weather, sun and normal traffic. Providing this extra protection will allow you to enjoy your stepping stones for a much longer time and will keep them looking nice. Allow the stones to dry completely after applying the sealant before placing them on your lawn or in your garden.


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