How to Troubleshoot a Biddeford Electric Blanket

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Biddeford blankets provide an extra level of comfort in the winter.

Biddeford electric blankets provide an extra level of warmth in your bed during winter, heating up the surrounding blankets before you get in and keeping the bed toasty while you sleep. You will feel the difference immediately if your Biddeford blanket stops working, with colder blankets and no pre-warmed sheets. Most problems with Biddeford electric blankets are caused by incorrect thermostat settings or issues with the power supply. Solving these problems will help you keep warm in the nighttime with your Biddeford blanket once more.


Step 1

Check that the electric blanket is plugged in. Don't use any extension cords or power bars -- always connect the power cable directly to an outlet. Make sure the outlet is switched on, if possible.

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Step 2

Follow the power cord from the outlet to the blanket, making sure each connection is clipped in place. The plastic joints in the power cable are sometimes worked loose by normal movement in the bed.


Step 3

Ensure the electric blanket is switched on at the power switch on the thermostat. Biddeford electric blankets can be turned on and off directly from the thermostat, saving you from leaving the bed and unplugging it at the outlet.

Step 4

Check that the thermostat is warm enough for your personal preference. Turn the thermostat up to its highest setting and wait for five minutes; the blanket should be warm. Turn down the thermostat and climb into bed.


Step 5

Move the blanket so it is directly underneath the bed sheet. The warming effect will be negated by additional layers of blankets between you and the blanket.



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