How to Fix a Laminate Floor That Is Separating

In rooms with large amounts of foot traffic, some planks of laminate flooring might begin to separate at the ends. The separation can begin to progress down the plank into the more interior end, which makes the plank separate completely from the rest of the floor. This may also happen with excessively heavy furniture installed on a laminate floor that isn't glued down properly.

Laminate flooring gives rooms a rather elegant look.

Step 1

Remove heavy furniture from the working area that might interfere with the binding process.

Step 2

Apply some laminate glue on the edge that has a tongue on it. You should notice one edge that has a protruding tongue and one that has an inward groove. Push the affected boards together, matching the tongue to the groove between them.

Step 3

Clean up the extra glue that pops up between the two boards with a clean cloth. Leave the area alone to dry up for approximately 24 hours.

Mikhail Polenin

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