Installing Tile Over the Shower Pan Liner

Before you install any type of shower flooring, you should first lay a shower pan liner over the subfloor. This vinyl lining provides a waterproof barrier that prevents the subfloor beneath the shower from absorbing water. Once the shower pan liner has been installed to the floor, you can create your shower floor out by laying tile. As long as the shower pan liner was properly laid, the material shouldn't cause any problems in laying the tile.

Shower tiles must be cut around the drain.

Step 1

Spread tile adhesive into one far corner of the shower floor over the shower pan liner, using a trowel. Place tile spacers against both of the walls and then press the first tile into place in the corner.

Step 2

Lay the next tile right next to the first, so that it also lines up with the back wall. Place a tile spacer between the first and second tile, and between the second tile and the wall. Continue away from the first tile in this fashion until you reach the opposite wall.

Step 3

Cut down the end tile, if necessary, with a tile saw. Lay the tile as normal, with tile spacers between the end tile and the walls.

Step 4

Go all the way across the surface of the shower pan liner, laying the rows in the same way as the first. Cut the tiles to fit around the drain in the middle of the shower pan liner with tile nippers. Use the nippers to remove small amounts of the tile at a time until you get the tile to match the opening of the drain.

Step 5

Take out the tile spacers and wait for the tile adhesive to dry for approximately 24 hours. Once dry, spread grout over the tiled surface with a trowel to fill in the space between tiles and wipe away any extra grout. Wait another 24 hours and apply caulk to the edges of the tiles, where they meet the wall and the drain, using a caulk gun.

Step 6

Seal the caulk and the grout around the tile with waterproof sealant. Brush the sealant onto the caulk and grout with a small paintbrush and apply the number of coats recommended by the sealant manufacturer.